Why AiWhiz?

Data really powers everything that we do. People deserves better tools, technologies and techniques to reap benefits out of data. Data talent matters and AiWhiz is here to help you.

We Offer
Easily deployable packages
Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) and the Services can be hooked to any Interface
Automated Deployable Package Kit generation and processing
MLOPs platform
  • productionize and monitor the Models using Scoring Techniques
  • incremental data loads, integration, and data processing.
Our Holistic Consulting and Implementation Experiences in
Data Science
Data Engineering / Big data
Architecture and Design
Data Visualization
Full-Stack Development
Front-End Technologies

Our Expertise in Reinforcement Learning Techniques and Implementations

Enterprise-Wide Big Data and Analytics Implementation product suits

Global Implementation Exposures with Fortune 500 Companies

For our product Licenses and Services, please write us to contactus@aiwhiz.co or Call us on +91-938-340-6695 or click here for our online form submission